Omelettes for Breakfast

Fresh from our Farmhouse Breakfast Week, Scaman's Eggs share their top tips for tasty omelettes!

Omelettes for Breakfast

Farmhouse Breakfast Week is one of our most favourite weeks of the year - seven days dedicated to the most important meal of the day.  Once again for the 2019 celebrations, we joined the Lincolnshire Showground to help school children from across Lincolnshire get cooking - and what a great time we had!

Throughout the morning, primary school children got hands-on with breakfast - making omelettes, bacon muffins, and porridge whilst learning abut why eating breakfast sets you up for the day and how the food we produce right here in Lincolnshire goes from farm to fork.

Eggs are one of the most popular breakfast foods, and one of the reasons why children love them so much is because they're so versatile.  Fluffy and scrambled, dippy yolks with buttered toast, or mixed into pancakes (which always seems to be a favourite!) - they're quick and easy to cook and incredibly tasty.

All the school children throughout the week used Scaman's Eggs to make their own omelettes with Ruth Wilkinson, aka Mrs Whisk of Wooden Spoon & Whisk.  So, to inspire your own breakfasts, we wanted to share a few top tips for tasty omelettes.

  • Make sure you use a non-stick frying pan and warm it up over a medium-high heat before adding your eggs.
  • Break your fresh free-range eggs in to a bowl and whisk well until you start to see air bubbles.  This is what helps to make them grow thick and fluffy.
  • Use two-or-three toppings in your omelette to keep the egg texture nice and light and easy to fold.
  • When the edges start to cook, use a spatula to gently loosen the omelette.  Once its nearly set and the bottom is a buttery shade of yellow, its time to flip.
  • Sometimes, a little salt, pepper, and butter or Lincolnshire rapeseed oil is all you need...

About Scaman's Eggs.

Scaman's Eggs are a small but extremely passionate family-run business, providing free-range eggs produced by happy and healthy hens in the countryside of Little Grimsby, near Louth.  As well as eggs, Scaman's Eggs sell a range of fun themed egg cups and toast cutters for children, perfect for making breakfast fun!  Visit