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An 'Uncle Henry's' guide to seed planting 20 Mar

With Spring just around the corner, (once the snow has cleared!) it's the perfect time to begin seed planting. Nicky Greenwood, Head Gardener at Uncle Henry's shares the best tips for ensuring your seeds grow into healthy plants, vegetables or fruits. 

Uncle Henry's join us next month at Countryside Lincs in the Explore It Zone where visitors can learn all about plant identification and seed planting.

Step 1

Select the seeds you wish to grow, these may be vegetables, fruit, flowers or a mixture of all three.

Step 2

Choose a container to grow them in. There are several options available:-

Plastic – these come in all shapes and sizes, square and round pots, seed trays, and various modules. They are more hygienic, light in weight and easy to store. Due to the environmental impact of plastic it is better to spend a little bit extra on more durable, robust, reusable plastic containers that can be washed and used again and again.

Terracotta / Clay – these pots also come in all shapes and sizes.  Probably the most expensive option and a little on the heavy side when full of compost, but one of the best from a drainage and aeration point of view and, if looked after can be used for years and years.

Coir, Cardboard & Newspaper – All these containers are classed as biodegradable, which means when the seedling is ready to be planted out, plant the whole pot in the ground, the roots will grow through the pot and it will then rot away into the soil.

Step 3

Fill your chosen container with a compost.

Step 4

As seeds come in all shapes and sizes, this will then depend on how you sow them.  Very tiny seeds will need to be sown close to the top of your container with a very light covering of soil. Larger seeds such as this runner bean seed will be sown singularly and the seed pushed well down into the centre of the pot.

Step 5

Ensure your seeds are well watered and labelled.

Step 6

Place your seeds in a warm; light and well ventilated place e.g. window sill, heated greenhouse or propagator.

Now all is needed is to let nature get to work and watch the magic happen.

Countryside Lincs is hands-on family-fun day focussed on offering the young - and young at heart - the chance to get up, close and personal with animals big and small, as well as turn their hand to crafts, try a range of local foods and get a taste of life on the farm with tractor rides and exhibitions.

Rosie Crust, education and development officer for the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society, said: “Last year we had our biggest turn out for the show ever, welcoming more than 4,000 people to the Showground. “Our packed timetable in the Countryside Ring and seven different zones to explore are all designed with child-friendly fun activities in mind that will inspire and educate youngsters about the importance of our countryside and the significance of agriculture and food production.”

Advanced tickets are now on sale for the event, packed with a huge variety of indoor and outdoor activities for youngsters to make, bake and explore, making it the perfect all-weather family day out.

Advanced tickets are priced at just £18 for a family of four, £7 for adults, £4 for children and under 5’s are free.

For more information and to buy tickets click here!

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