Home learning activities and resources

Home learning activities and resources

The Lincolnshire Agricultural Society education team have been working hard over the last few weeks to create educational home learning activities and resources for parents to use when children are at home during this time. These activities are based around the topics of food, farming, the countryside and the environment.

Our Education Development Manager will be putting together lots of fun activities and projects for all ages that can be completed during this time of isolation. 

Please click the buttons below to download our activity packs.

Have a go at these learning activities to inspire and educate. We would love to see any work produced and learning activities in action, so please share your photos on social media, use the hashtag #ArmchairAgriculture and tag us - Twitter @LincsShowground & @LASEducation, Facebook LincolnshireShowground and Instagram @ShowgLincs.

Farmhouse Breakfast Week

Why not have a go at one of our fun, nutritional, breakfast recipes to celebrate Breakfast Week! 

We'd love to see your creations, so why not share them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ArmchairAgriculture

Download breakfast recipes
Farmhouse Breakfast Week recipes

Springtime Snap

Explore your garden and enjoy identifying the signs of spring. Collect pairs of similar-looking leaves, flowers, petals and blossom and use your spring finds to make a set of snap cards to play with.

We’d love to see your Springtime Snap cards, so why not share them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #ArmchairAgriculture

Download Springtime Snap activity
Springtime Snap activity from Lincolnshire Showground

Cooking with Mrs Whisk!

Ruth Wilkinson from Wooden Spoon & Whisk works with us on educational events throughout the year. During this time she has been working with some of Oxford University's staff to provide online cookery sessions, she spoke to us all about what she's been working on and sent us her delicious oat cookie recipe! 

Read more about Mrs Whisk Oat cookies recipe
Mrs Whisk from Wooden Spoon and Whisk

Let's get growing!

We've designed exciting gardening projects that all ages can get involved with, make a mini-greenhouse using a recycled plastic bottle, grow your own sunflower and how to make a plant pot out of newspaper!

Download the activities below or click here to download a gardening themed wordsearch.

We’d love to see your mini greenhouses and sunflowers, so why not share them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #ArmchairAgriculture

Mini greenhouse activity Grow your own sunflower activity How to make a newspaper plant pot Soil art activity

Habitat Haven

We've designed fun activities all about natural habitats.

Build your own mini beast mansion! Minibeasts are valuable friends to our gardens and vital to the natural world. They are essential in encouraging the pollination of flowers and plants and are useful workers when it comes to decomposition, it’s really important that we look after them.

Whilst you are outside getting some fresh air and exercise, why don’t you go on a bug hunt?

Download the activities below. 

We’d love to see you getting involved in our Habitat Haven activities so why not share them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #ArmchairAgriculture

Build a mini beast mansion Let's go on a bug hunt Make your own binoculars activity

Dairy delights

Dairy delights - the process of milk production!

You might already know that milk comes from cows, but how does it get from the farm to your bowl? Try out our activity by downloading the worksheet below, can you cut out the images and sequence them on the journey line below to show the story of milk.

Download dairy delights activity
Dairy delights

Lincolnshire Day Online

The Lincolnshire Agricultural Society celebrated Lincolnshire Day Online this year on Thursday 1 October. The online event was in place of what would have been the fourth Lincolnshire Day school event this year, where 500+ Key Stage 1 and 2 children visit the Lincolnshire Showground to connect and celebrate everything that’s great about our county – it’s food, farming, aviation, heritage, sport and lots more. 

The online event provided six zones of educational entertainment including ‘Farming in Lincolnshire’, ‘Animals – Lincolnshire Breeds’, ‘Lincolnshire Kitchen’, ‘Heritage and Aviation’, ‘Coast and County’ and ‘Sport’. The event attracted over 400 users, 1,600 page views and viewers from locations across the UK. You can view the Lincolnshire Day Online at www.lincolnshiredayonline.co.uk 

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Farm animal junk modelling competition!

We need to protect and look after our planet so that it is a safe and healthy place to live, not only for yourselves but for future generations too. One way that we can do this is by recycling. We have a mission for you…. Get creative with your household recycling to design and make a junk model farmyard animal character. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place- winning entries will receive a family ticket to Countryside Lincs!

Download competition Learn all about recycling

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