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Call of the Wild Festival 2020 - Hungry Like The Wolf 17 Jul

First of all, thank you for still being here by our side through these very challenging times. In the grand scale of things, will there or won't there be a Call of the Wild Festival this year has not always been at the forefront of even our thoughts, so we are indeed very grateful for all the words of support over the last few months.

While we, like you, tended to our family needs and their safety, we were always looking carefully at how we can put ourselves in the best possible position to bring you a great outdoor festival. Even back in March when all this started and we were all learning about the virus and the R rate we had a plan forming. The key to anything happening was the reduction in the R Rate & thankfully it has dropped to a point where lockdown restrictions have largely relaxed. Whilst none of us can predict the future, we are looking at things as positively as we can.

At this point, we have everything in place to help us adhere to Government guidelines on social distancing & procedures in place to help minimise the risk of infection or spreading COVID-19 at Call of the Wild Festival in September.

Based on how things are at present & hoping that it improves weekly, we are now willing to continue to promote the event as going to happen in September.

We must, however, emphasise that if the government review their advice leading to rules being changed, we may have to postpone the event until May 2021.



From the start of this crisis we have been in constant communication with the Showground CEO and her experienced team. We’ve sought advice from many health agencies & professionals .

To that end, in order to minimise the risk of infection and to ensure we can stringently adhere to government guidelines we have had no option but to reduce to a two stage fully outdoor event. This has meant that we have had to trim the line up slightly. However, in most cases it's bands that are unable to attend due to their other touring schedules collapsing, leaving them no option but to make financially secure decisions for the long term benefit of their band. We understand how difficult those choices are to make and we fully support those bands with their decisions. What it means is those unable to perform in September will roll over to May 2021.

Call of the Wild Festival will take significant measures to maximise your safety while attending the event. Some of these measures will include every person from Directors, Crew, Traders, Musicians and Ticket holders to comply with a brief questionnaire and Temperature check. We will be operating a one way system in and around the arena. Social distancing at Trade stalls and large open air bar areas. The area in front of stages will be in rows with rope guidelines & marked out spacing as a guide for safe 1m+ social distancing.

These areas will be monitored by stewards and security. We will have numerous hand sanitisation areas throughout the arena, toilets & campsite. We will have a full time cleaning team sanitising toilets on a regular basis. Face masks will be compulsory directly in front of stages.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we stand united in the belief we are bringing you a great festival and hope there is understanding and compassion from our most loyal supporters.


I happily rolled my ticket over from May to September but now I would like a full refund. I realise I missed the refund deadline date but can I still get my money back?

We will accommodate all refund requests. However, the reason a deadline was installed was purely for us to set out realistic goals in the endeavour to still bring you a second edition of COTW Festival.

From the initial refund requests we set aside a large amount of funds & then look at our remaining balance to figure out what working capital remains. From that we created a new business plan & began (almost from scratch) rebuilding the festival.

Large deposits & band fees still had to be paid.

With that in mind we ask that you please be patient regarding the possible timescale (approx 10 weeks) to now honour refunds.

If I feel like I may have Covid 19 symptoms can I still turn up to be checked by your medical team?

No. If you feel that you may have symptoms please do not travel. Stay at home & Stay safe. And keep others safe. You won’t lose your money as we will automatically replace your ticket for one in May 2021.

I don’t want to wear a mask if I’m standing in front of the stage. How will you enforce this rule?

First of all, and most important of all, we take everyone’s health & safety extremely seriously. Our measures are in place to protect not only you but everyone else near you, which includes; band members, crew, security, stewards, press & photographers.

Anyone that does not adhere to this simple but important request will be removed from the front of stage area.

If I buy a ticket for September & the festival does not actually happen due a second wave of Covid 19, can I request an immediate refund?

Generally, we would happily issue instant refunds. However, these are challenging times and our industry is in a very precarious period. The challenges that lay ahead are not likely to get much easier in the near future. So, we MUST highlight the terms in which you agree to purchase a ticket for September 2020, and if there is another postponement your ticket automatically rolls over to 21st - 23rd May.


All Festival correspondence should be directed to:

All Press enquiries should be directed to: Mark Davies:

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