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Cocktail recipes from Deco Spirits 20 Nov

The Perfect G&T

We believe the classic G&T is possibly the finest drink in the world! Becoming popular during the reign of Queen Victoria, it has endured to this day. Our gin and tonic recipe is uncomplicated and requires no special ingredients, so is easy to make at home. Being a London Dry Gin, Deco No.22 was made for the classic G&T.


45ml Deco No.22 Gin
Plenty of Ice
A good quality tonic
A lemon wheel


Pack a large glass (either a tall glass or a Copa de balon) with lots of ice, add a lemon wheel, then pour over the gin and top with tonic, et voila!

A healthy ratio of gin-to-tonic is 1 part gin to 3 parts tonic but a 1:2 ratio is much boozier! You can experiment with different ratios to suit your taste.

The French 75

There's nothing more decadent than a Deco No.22 Champagne cocktail... a true experience of 1920's luxury.

This drink was favourite of Ernest Hemingway and dates to World War I, an early form was created in 1915 at the New York Bar in Paris—later Harry's New York Bar—by barman Harry MacElhone. The combination was said to have such potency that it felt like being shelled with the powerful French 75mm Field Gun!


45m1 Deco No22 Gin
15m1 lemon Juice
7.5ml sugar Syrup
Good quality Champagne (or Prosecco if you prefer)
Lemon peel garnish


Combine gin, sugar syrup and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled champagne saucer. Top up with Champagne. Stir gently and enjoy!

About Deco Spirits

Deco Spirits Ltd was formed in September 2017 by friends Sammi Jones and Amy Havenhand from Nocton, Lincs. Both have a mutual love for the 1920's era and all things Gin.

The desire to start a new spirits business was derived from spotting a definite gap in the market for a new premium and classic gin whilst Sammi was trading within the drinks and event market.

Both Amy and Sammi come from professional backgrounds. Amy is a nurse and Sammi is a teacher and both still work and have young families too! They are driven by a desire to create something wonderful as female entrepreneurs.

We set about developing the perfect gin recipe based on botanical ingredients. We both considered what we liked about other gins and what botanicals created certain flavours. It took us months of experimentation and a lot of testing to get it right.

We wanted to create a gin that was of the ultimate luxury and quality - a classic gin to be enjoyed at home with a premium tonic, ice and a slice of lemon. A gin as gin should taste.

We developed a unique recipe made with 12 of the finest botanicals to create a decadent blend. Inspired by the luxuriant charm of the 1920's, Deco No.22 is infused with an indulgent amount of botanicals.

What makes Deco No.22 special is that it is a little taste of luxury, a little taste of decadence. At 46% abv it is an export strength gin with a velvety smooth taste. Its distinct flavour profile means that it makes the ideal gin and tonic. At the same time, it is versatile and the perfect gin for cocktails – Deco No.22’s flavour still shines beautifully when mixed with other cocktail components.

As such, it can be considered an exquisite and memorable gin which has the potential to be found on every back-bar and in every home drinks cabinet. You can now buy Deco No.22 in many shops and bars in Lincolnshire, as well as the Co-Op and of course through our online shop.

Deco No.22 is both ultra-luxurious and reasonably priced, meaning it can have everyday appeal whilst still being a 'special treat'. At the same time, it has a retail price point aligned within the middle of the super-premium gin category and has a very competitive wholesale price-point.

Deco No.22 London Dry Gin is influenced by the Art Deco period and the 1920's and is named in honour of 1922, the year in which F Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby' was set. It is a gin made for the modern era by drawing inspiration from the past.

This gin embodies the kaleidoscopic carnival of the Roaring Twenties in which optimism was boundless and life was most definitely to be lived. It puts a modernist twist on the time-honoured London Dry Gin to create a truly magnificent contemporary classic. As a tribute to the 1920's, each bottle of Deco No.22 carries a 'Spirit of Decadence' quality mark.

We have lots of events planned for the run up to Christmas including the Lincolnshire Food & Gift Fair at The Lincolnshire Showground on the 1st December.

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