BeVox: Elemental




Lincolnshire Showground

All five senses. Four elements. One incredible, once-in-a-lifetime event.

BeVox: Elemental is an experience like no other. Themed around the four elements, we'll engage all five senses in an immersive experience you'll never forget.

Hearing: Over 200 singers will form the choir, accompanied by specially-created music tracks. The songs are all connected to the Elemental theme by their titles. The programme is full of popular songs by major artists such as Ed Sheeran, Phil Collins, Queen - all arranged especially for the choir.

Sight: Custom lighting effects will light the choir and the auditorium, creating a unique atmosphere. Video screens throughout the audience will help to bring them closer to the action, as well as displaying music videos to accompany some of the songs.

Touch: To truly bring some of the elemental aspects to life, the audience will feel them - heat during the Fire section, gusts of wind during the Air section etc.

Smell: Using technology developed for major theme parks, we'll be piping special aromas into the auditorium.

Taste: Bespoke chocolate truffles will capture each of the elemental flavours.

BeVox is very proud to present this unique event at the Lincolnshire Showground. Joining together the East, Central and West Halls allows us to create an auditorium seating over 800, whilst the use of live video projections ensures everyone gets a great view. The concert is family-friendly, and we'd like to invite you to join us for this very special event. We take the familiar, and make it exceptional.


Five senses experience: £27.50
Four senses experience: £20.00
Three senses experience: £12.50

Children aged 14 or under: 35% off
LAS members: 20% off until 15th Feb, after that, full price
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