Audio Visual

When you're holding an indoor event, you need to know that your message will be seen and heard. Here's the technical stuff!

All Halls and Suites


Each room has its own XVGA (video) input plate. Distribution of the video signals is via two Smart-E video matrix switches, controlled by a PC and they can route the video to any screens.

Sound Projection

The EPIC Centre is effectively managed as six separate sound zones. Within each zone a wall plate portal gives access to a microphone or the capability to receive audio from another zone.

In addition, two mobile lecterns can be used across the EPIC Centre. They give additional capacity for an audio mixer, static microphone (mounted on the lectern) and two radio microphones. Within each lectern there is connectivity for six further microphones, which can be hired in by event organisers where required.

A paging microphone allows voice-over messages to be conveyed in any or all of the rooms.

Background music can be played via a CD player in the main technical room connecting into the sound zones. This capability also enables pre-recorded messages to be played from the CD.

East and West Hall


Ceiling mounted data projectors with high a light output projecting 6,000 ansi lumens onto the in-house white walls. The projected images is 5m square. The projector has a fully motorised lens system, including keystone technology to correct distortion. The projector is operated by an infrared control handset. The projection surface is the white floor-to-ceiling panels, which also serve as room dividers (free-hanging widescreen screens can be hired in, if required).

Sound Projection

Six speakers are suspended from the ceiling in each of these halls; they are suspended centrally in front of alternate beams. The dispersion pattern of sound from the speakers ensure that there is even coverage of sound across the space with the delegates facing the white divide wall.

Central Hall

Ceiling mounted data projector. A smaller ceiling projector projects onto the West Hall divide.

Sound Projection

Two speakers are suspended from the ceiling. When this area is combined with East and West Halls, the sound projection can be combined and sound will appear to radiate from the centre outwards. The system is capable of conveying sound in excess of 95 decibels throughout the venue.


Lindsey Kesteven and Holland have a ceiling mounted data projector electric projector screen with a width of 1.7 metres.

Speakers are integrated in the ceiling of the suites except in Ancaster, Scampton and Welton.These suites have no inbuilt audio and video but we have two portable in-house projectors available for these areas.


If your event has sophisticated audio visual requirements which are integral to its success, we recommend that you have the specialist skills of a technician on hand. The sales team will help you with regards to understanding your requirements. We would recommend involving Peachy Events Services, one of Lincoln's premier AV specialists, who have a great knowledge of the venue and can provide this valuable expertise.

Please contact the team here for further details and associated costs.