Suzy Stone joins the Education team

There are exciting times ahead for the Education department at the Showground as we welcome Suzy Stone to the team!

You'll know the Showground for the annual Lincolnshire Show and hosting a number of high profile events each year but you may not know that the Showground is owned by the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society, a registered charity whose aims are to educate people, and especially the younger generation, about food, farming and the countryside.

We provide a year-round education programme that delivers unique hands-on learning experiences for young people, helping us to achieve our education and charitable remit. Last year, our educational programme engaged with 11,500 people and we have an exciting year ahead as we consolidate the educational events already happening and expand our educational activities. 

Rosie Crust, is our dedicated Education and Development Officer, is the driving force behind a number of exciting and interactive curriculum-based events throughout the year and we are delighted to welcome Suzy Stone to the eduation team as Educational Events Administrator. Welcome to the team, Suzy!

What did you do in your previous role?

I previously worked for a social enterprise that supported in developing the skills of young people. This was through funded programmes, events and in-school activities. Most of the work was supporting young people in nurturing their skills for life, work related learning and raising aspirations.

My role involved building contacts both in schools and businesses and bringing a partnership to them both. I ran programmes, working on the logistics from start to finish. One of which was the Lincolnshire Show Schools’ Challenge which initially sparked my interest in working with The Lincolnshire Agricultural Society/ The Lincolnshire Showground.

What inspired you to work in Education?

Most people who know me say that I have a kind, empathetic and nurturing personality which I feel lends itself well to working with young people. I’ve always had an interest in learning, development and the importance of education which was instilled from my family early on.

Finding a curiosity in psychology, which I took a degree in, I was drawn to child development and the impact of learning styles. I then completed my teaching qualification but my job that followed took a slight deviation from the classroom.

I found a passion in other ways of educating young people outside the classroom and which related to real life skills and working closely with businesses. My whole education development and career has had a strong education and young person focus and I’ve found such passion in seeing young people develop new skills, take on challenges and find interests in areas they never knew. That’s what makes it worthwhile.

What are you looking forward to most in your new role at the Showground?

Having worked closely with The Lincolnshire Showground previously I was excited to join the prestigious team. Bringing the Schools’ Challenge in house is an exciting time which will allow a chance for growth and development. Rosie (Education and Development Officer) has already developed the education programmes hugely, so finding out more and supporting those throughout the year will be very exciting.

Having an education team will allow scope for possible new events or school programmes and the flexibility for creativity is a fun prospect in educating the county (of various ages) in food, farming, sustainability, careers and so much more.