Rosie Crust awarded the High Sheriff of Lincolnshire Award

Rosie, our Education and Development Officer was awarded the High Sheriff of Lincolnshire Award at the Crown Court in Lincoln on Tuesday 30 April

Rosie was awarded this prestigious award in recognition of her great and valuiable service to the community of Lincolnshire through the educational work carried out for the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society. The LAS is a charity with its main educational objectives to promote food, farming and the countryside in an environmentally sustainable way. Rosie joined the Lincolnshire Showground team 5 years ago in a new educational role and has developed the curriculum based educational events and programmes over the past few years, having a great influence in educating the county's younger generation.

Through the education programme Rosie engages with over 12,000+ young people, trainees and associated families. The programme includes: 

  • The School's Challenge: 60,000+ Lincolnshire Show visitors, 47 schools participating
  • Lincolnshire Day: 96 students and 6 Lincolnshire Businesses
  • Farmhouse Breakfast Week: 240 primary students, 4 activities led by local companies and volunteers
  • Field to Fork Agri-Food Careers Event: 170 students, 30 interactive exhibitors
  • Tractors into Schools: 6,000 children, 176 farmers, 101 schools visited
  • Initial Teacher Training: 106 attended
  • Countryside Lincs: 4,000 visitors, 100 exhibitors.
  • IMPACT Group: engaging with 170+ young professionals

Find out more about our educational programme here.