Over one hundred children visited the Showground for Farmhouse Breakfast Week

For a week from 21 January, we held breakfast workshops for 147 children from primary schools around Lincolnshire, here's a little bit about what they got up to!

147 primary school children joined us at the Showground last week and got involved with workshops to learn all about the importance of a healthy breakfast. Children made yummy bacon muffins with Ladies in Pigs and omelettes with Wooden Spoon and Whisk. The children also learnt all about the farming story and were tasked to match grain samples to the products, as well as weighing and sorting eggs with Scaman's Eggs.

Ruth Wilkinson, from Wooden Spoon and Whisk said "Being part of breakfast week for me was a great privilege. The children were really keen to learn and had great questions and opinions to share. The impact of the information the children were given about where their food comes from was received well and has definitely impacted on their food education.

I saw the children literally grow with confidence after cooking for themselves, they were able to work with appropriate equipment and teaching, which is often not available in schools. The validation was seen when thirds of porridge was served to nearly every child every day. The sessions were factual, well organised and fun.

Taking part in Breakfast week made me feel very proud that I had contributed to the education of some of Lincolnshire's school children, and also to the Agricultural Society’s charitable and education objectives".

We were also joined by Debbie Wilson, from Ladies in Pigs who said "Ladies in Pigs has once again been very proud to be part of Farmhouse Breakfast Week at the Lincolnshire Showground. We have met amazingly engaged children who have asked some brilliant questions and have joined in with all of the practical activities.

The excellent part of team working with other agencies at such an event is the thorough planning and dedication of Rosie and the team at the showground in engaging the schools; and the other stakeholders and ourselves all working towards a common goal. We very much look forward to continuing our close relationship with the LAS team."

School children joined us from Nettleham C of E Aided Junior School and Middle Rasen Primary School, they had a great time and said "The children had the most wonderful time and the teachers said it was one of the best trips they had ever been on (and we do a lot of trips/visits!!) in terms of content, what the children got out of it and in how wonderfully well organised it was.” The education on where and how food is produced was great”.

Farmhouse Breakfast Week interesting facts and figures

  • Number of children involved in the most recent Breakfast Week: 147
  • Number of eggs given to children: 882
  • Number of omelettes flipped during the week: 60
  • 1 metre squared of wheat grown produces 25 pancakes!
  • Total number of mileage travelled by schools: 151.2 miles!
  • Did you know? The only part of a pig you can't eat is its oink