Meet the sponsor: Western Power Distribution

With Countryside Lincs just around the corner, we’ve caught up with one of returning sponsors and keen supporters of the event, Western Power Distribution, to find out more about them and what to look out for when visiting their stand at the event.

Ruth Adams is Education Liaison Officer for WPD and has prepared a blog for us.

WPD may not be a company that you have heard of, but is vital to our everyday lives. The company is responsible for delivering the electricity that powers homes and businesses across much of Lincolnshire, from Mablethorpe down to Sutton Bridge.

We ensure that our electricity network of pylons, cables, wires and substations deliver a safe and reliable electricity supply to over 7.8 million customers.

While electricity is important for many reasons, it also comes with serious risks if it isn’t treated with respect. This is one of the reasons why we take electricity safety so seriously. My role at WPD is to educate and inform members of the public and particularly children about how electricity works and the dangers of playing near it.  

Our stand aims to be informative, interactive and fun, offering loads of activities about electricity, testing your knowledge and answering questions that you may have – Why can birds can sit on electricity wires and not be electrocuted? Can electricity jump?  Can you be made into a human circuit?

Even our engineers are not allowed into substations without letting our control room know they’re there, and they’ve got special clothes that protect them from the electricity and have had years of training to help them stay safe.

Electricity can jump so if you are flying a kite or using a fishing rod near power lines it can jump and get you. The electricity we work with is far more powerful than the electricity in your home and can kill or badly burn you.

It’s important to have fun but it’s also important that you don’t hurt yourself.

Countryside Lincs is a fantastic event to get out and about, see, learn and explore new things. We hope that many families will come down and take part in many of the activities on show during the day. You’ll find us at the ‘Explore It Zone’ so come and say hi and meet our mascot Pylonman, have a go on our games such as the wiggly wire and human circuit, plus enter our competition for the chance to win a Kindle Fire. We look forward to seeing you there!

If you have a power cut or spot a potential danger involving some of our equipment, please call Western Power Distribution for free on 105.