Invitation to Tender

Businesses are invited to tender for the Energy Efficient LED replacement of existing lighting and controllers at the Lincolnshire Showground.


The project is to replace the existing fluorescent lighting and dimmer systems with new Energy Efficient Decorative LED fittings in the same positions. These fittings need to be controlled individually from mobile devices and lighting scenes must be programmable so that quick accurate changes to the lighting levels around the exhibition/event space can be made by front of house staff.

We have a recently installed existing control system (“Control 4”) which currently controls our AV Systems. This system can be extended to control the new lighting and would provide a solution that allows operational staff to be trained and operate a single control system. For obvious reasons we have a strong preference to use this approach and we can provide you with a subcontract quotation for you to include in your proposal if you wish.

You should allow for the removal and responsible disposal of all redundant equipment as well as the supply and installation of all new equipment.

The appearance and function of the new Luminaires is very important to us and we would like to see and approve any luminaires you may propose in advance of your quotation.

The work can be carried out during normal working hours at a mutually agreed time.

Please provide a breakdown of your tender to match the Specification Headings below.

You would act as Main Contractor for these works and be responsible for the provision of all Project Completion Information.

For more information, please download the file.


Requests for further details or clarification should be submitted in writing by Email to and will be dealt with promptly.