How eggs go from field to fork

With Countryside Lincs just around the corner, our friends at Scaman's Eggs let us in on how their free range Lincolnshire eggs go from the field to our plates...

Encouraging children to discover where food comes from, how produce goes from the field to our plates at meal times is something we're incredibly passionate about - especially when it comes to eggs. We're so excited to be attending Countryside Lincs for the very first time on 8th April and we'll have an eggstra special activity lined up, so the kids can get hands on with our very own free range, Lincolnshire eggs. 

In the Food Zone, children will be able to learn all about the life of our produce, what makes a great-tasting egg and why weighing and sorting eggs is so important.

Why do we weigh eggs?

When you buy your box of eggs, you'll see they come in small, medium, large and very large sizes. An egg's size is determined by their weight. So, you could have an egg that looks small to the eye, but when it gets on the scales it could be a medium or even a large! During Farmhouse Breakfast Week at Lincolnshire Showground, school children from across the county had a go at weighing some of our eggs, and they were fascinated to see which size the eggs were (and determined to find the heaviest very large egg!)

What makes a good egg?

In order to have great tasting, fresh eggs, you need happy and healthy hens. The Farmers who look after our chickens take great care in ensuring their welfare. They harvest and mix the feed themselves, so they know exactly what the chickens are being fed, and they keep them safe in secure shelter from extreme weather.

How do the eggs get from field to fork?

Once the happy, healthy hens have laid their eggs, they are collected by the Farmers before being carefully transported to us. The warehouse team first weigh the eggs using a state-of-the-art egg grading machine, and then they are printed with a code that is specific to Scaman's Eggs. This way, the consumer knows the type of egg, which country they're from, and the designated farm code.  Then it's time for the eggs to be packaged ready for delivery. While we deliver to restaurants, cafes, bakers, chefs, and hotels – to name a few – our eggs can also be found on the shelves of small, local shops, ready to be taken home and eaten.

You can find Scaman's Eggs over in the Food Zone at Countryside Lincs on Sunday 8 April, see you there!

Tickets for Countryside Lincs are now on sale. Advanced tickets are priced at just £18 for a family of four, £7 for adults, £4 for children and under 5’s are free. to buy your tickets click here.