BeVox: Elemental 6th April

This Saturday, 6th April, Lincolnshire Showground will be the venue for “Elemental” – a world-first multi-sensory choir concert produced by local choir BeVox. BeVox’s musical director, Timothy Allen, fills us in on how preparations have been going.

We had our final rehearsal on Sunday, with over 200 singers giving up most of their Mother’s Day afternoon to prepare for the show. Musical rehearsals over the last three months have gone really well, but this final rehearsal took it to a new level. For the first time, we tried out some of the video projections that will accompany the music, and the whole choir agreed that they lift the performance to another level. The concert is an emotional rollercoaster, and we had every reaction from tears to dancing in the aisles!

The idea behind Elemental was cooked up by BeVox’s other director, my wife Toni. Her initial idea for a concert themed around Fire, Water, Air and Earth has grown into something unique – a theatrical show encompassing all five of the audience’s senses. What really hit us at our rehearsal on Sunday was that despite that rehearsal being really powerful, we’ve only truly experienced two of the five parts – sound and vision. When we add the other three senses for the concert itself, it’s going to be truly mind-blowing.

Toni and I have had a sneak peek of some of those other elements of the show already. The chocolatier who is creating bespoke truffles for the event sent us some samples, and we’re pleased to confirm that they’re delicious! You can see us sampling them, along with an insight into the technical preparations for the concert, on YouTube here.

We’re thrilled that the people of Lincoln have been enticed by our event – we’re very nearly sold out! At the time of writing, there are around 40 tickets remaining, so get yours quickly if you want to join us. It promises to be a truly memorable experience, unlike anything you will have done before.

To book your tickets, visit You can also explore the rest of the BeVox website to find out more about the choir.